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We spent a great deal of time and energy researching the purest and most innovative supplements to offer at Glo Derma to include as part of Wellness 360 and to offer alongside our IV infusions to help our clients achieve optimum results. After a long search, we decided on Thorne, and we believe in these supplements. Here are a few of the reasons we love them and why you will, too.

• They have so many benefits for the body, including improving metabolism, anti-aging, mood, mental focus, and more

• Thorne has the highest level of certification by NSF International, a global human health regulator

• Athletes swear by Thorne, especially Olympians. They are the first-ever partner of USA Triathlon

• They teamed up with the Mayo Clinic to perform clinical trials to improve supplement research

• Thorne manufactures all its own products, and they adhere to more stringent standards. There are no fillers and no magnesium stearate, which can block absorption

Give us a call or inquire about Thorne products on your next visit.

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