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Vampire Cosmetic Procedures

Turn back the clock, and restore your skin’s youthful glow with a vampire cosmetic procedure. If you’re struggling with drooping cheeks, deep smile lines, or sunken under-eyes, a vampire facelift procedure can lift your skin, returning the lost volume. A vampire facial procedure can renew, smooth, and plump your skin if you have uneven skin texture, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation. Why are vampire treatments so popular? They are some of the best medical facials that challenge your skin cells to renew themselves, enhancing shape, texture, and tone naturally.

Experience Skin Rejuvenation with Vampire Cosmetic Procedures in Bucks County

Sagging, graying skin can become a thing of the past with a vampire treatment from the Glo Squad at Glo Derma in Yardley. We would love to help your outsides match the youthfulness you feel inside. Get in touch with us today to discuss our vampire facial procedures, vampire facelift procedures, or our other medical facial treatments, such as Botox injections. Glowing, smooth, and voluptuous skin is just minutes away!



One of the most effective ways to control skin damage, the PRP Facial combines microneedling and platelet rich plasma to promote healing from the inside out.

On its own, microneedling is an innovative alternative to laser rejuvenation, challenging the skin to renew itself. Designed to stimulate the natural process of collagen and elastin synthesis, microneedling plumps, renews, reconstructs and smoothes skin. It works especially well for our clients with scars, large pores, hyperpigmentation, and lax skin.

When combined with PRP, the results of microneedling become even more impressive. The platelets further stimulate collagen and elastin growth and increase the effectiveness of the microneedling required for the most rejuvenation. Your skin will feel tighter and smoother and it will glow with color – for a more youthful look.



glo prp FACELIFT

This non-surgical facelift uses a combination of PRP injections and hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers to smooth wrinkles, restore youthful volume, and improve the tone and texture of your skin. The procedure demands a high level of artistic skill and can produce dramatic results. When done correctly, it can sculpt, enhance and beautify the face – all without ever approaching a scalpel.

The results of a PRP facelift can be seen immediately, thanks to the instant volume that is provided by the dermal fillers. In addition, our clients enjoy the benefit of continued skin rejuvenation that can last up to one year, thanks to the PRP.




For additional skin revitalization during or in between the PRP facial, PRP is re-injected throughout the face to erase wrinkles and create a fuller, more youthful appearance. Other areas that can be treated include under eyes, cheeks, chin, jowls, temples and nasolabial folds. PRP injections can be combined with other skin resurfacing treatments or injectable dermal fillers, and can be helpful in prolonging the results of a previous procedure.




PRF Hair Restoration is a non-surgical treatment that involves injecting PRF into strategic locations on the scalp. Using the body’s own platelets and growth factors, it reactivates the follicles, stimulates hair growth, and restores thinning areas. The effects are gradual, with the final results appearing six to nine months after the treatment.




Platelet-rich Fibrin, or PRF, naturally rejuvenates skin around the eyes. It acts by stimulating the collagen in your skin to tighten and increase, resulting in an improvement in fine lines, sagging and discoloration.




A simple, painless treatment method using your own blood platelets (PRF) which are injected into vaginal tissue to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation. The platelets naturally attact your own stem cells to the injected area, which then generate healthier and more functional tissue in the vagina. Results can last for up to 1 year.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vampire Cosmetic Procedures

Vampire treatments can be performed on the face, neck, hands, and all over the body with excellent results: skin is re-plumped and rejuvenated, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and skin contours are redefined to create a youthful, radiant glow. Vampire cosmetic procedures are hugely successful in the treatment of areas such as:

  • Upper and lower eye area
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aging and sagging skin
  • Acne scars
  • Neck & décolletage
  • Thinning hair
  • Upper and lower eye area
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aging and sagging skin
  • Acne scars
  • Neck & décolletage
  • Thinning hair

Some redness and swelling may be experienced after our vampire facial procedure and other PRP treatments. The effects from a facial should gradually subside within 24-48 hours. Recovery from a vampire facelift procedure may take up to 72 hours. However, individual results may vary for each treatment.

All of our vampire facial and facelift procedures are considered minimally invasive. Before treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied to ensure a comfortable experience.

Our vampire and PRP procedures take approximately 45 min – 1 hour. A vampire facelift procedure can take up to 2 hours. This includes the blood draw as well as the actual treatment time.

Individual results from vampire cosmetic procedures will vary, and maintenance is key. PRP and vampire facial procedures are not one-off treatments. To maintain your new look and preserve the youthful benefits, you will need ongoing maintenance. In general, the results can last up to one year with a proper skin care regimen and good lifestyle choices — including no smoking, no tanning, and a healthy diet. Our team will discuss and customize an aesthetic plan with you during your consultation so that you can reach your individual goals.

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