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The popularity of cosmetic treatments is rising as they help turn back the clock and restore skin’s youthful glow. With the help of cosmetic treatments, people can definitely improve their appearance while triggering collagen production to fill in wrinkles or work like sandpaper to smooth imperfections. In fact, part of Glo Derma’s service is their signature treatments that are non-invasive and beneficial to people who are looking to reverse the signs of aging.

Here are four of the best signature spa treatments that Glo Derma offers:

1. Sculptra Butt Lift

With age, it’s natural for the butt to lose some of its fullness and shape. The butt may start to sag or look less shapely due to weight fluctuations, aging, and gravity itself. However, this isn’t a medical condition to be concerned about, but some people begin to feel self-conscious about their butt looking “flat” or less perky than it used to appear.

That said, Sculptra is the perfect non-surgical option for people who are looking to give their booty a boost but don’t have enough excess fat for a traditional fat transfer procedure, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. In addition, a Sculptra butt lift is an aesthetic treatment designed to enhance the shape and curve of the buttocks according to the patient’s preferences without undergoing surgery that could give a high risk of complications. The procedure used an injectable dermal filler called Sculptra to stimulate collagen production and create natural-looking volume results over time.

What Does Sculptra Do?

  • Adding Volume. Sculptra promotes collagen growth in the booty and hips, which leads to increased projection and plumpness. It aims to deliver natural, sculpted curves.
  • Non-invasive BBL. Unlike traditional Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and dangerous biopolymer implants, Sculptra Butt Lift is a non-invasive, injectable procedure that is FDA approved, safe, and effective.
  • Fill In Hip Dips. Hip dips or hollows are 100% natural due to pelvic structure, but some people wish to correct this. Sculptra can add fullness to the hips for a rounded silhouette.

2. Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that involves a doctor injecting a solution into blood vessels or lymph vessels that causes them to shrink. Most often, sclerotherapy is used to treat varicose veins, also known as chronic venous insufficiency, and spider veins (telangiectasia). Correspondingly, it is one of the least invasive treatment options for these conditions, as it neither involves anesthesia nor any significant downtime.

Moreover, sclerotherapy works by injecting a solution directly into the vein. Next, it causes the vein to scar and forces blood to reroute through healthier veins. Then, the collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and eventually fades.

In a few weeks, the treated veins tend to fade by then. Sometimes, full results may take a month or more to be noticeable. Because of that, patients may require several treatments.

3. Scar Revision Procedures

It has been known that scars can lead to aesthetic and functional impairments. For example, having an acne scar is already frustrating enough, and sometimes, a person has to deal with scars that pimples leave behind. However, Glo Derma has the following treatments for acne scarring.


This non-invasive procedure is an innovative therapy that utilizes a handheld device equipped with dermal needles that simultaneously emit RF technology. The needles create micro-injuries in the skin to prompt natural tissue regeneration, and the heat-like energy encourages collagen production. As the skin heals, new dermal cells form, diminishing the appearance of severe acne scars.

Here are the benefits of Morpheus8:

  • Radiofrequency with microneedling
  • Minimal downtime
  • Approved for use on face & body
  • Approved for any skin type
  • Results in as little as one treatment
  • FDA approved for deep fat remodeling
  • Used to treat acne, acne scarring, poor skin texture, sun damage, deep lines, sagging and jowls, enlarged pores, and stretch marks.


It is a procedure that’s non-surgical, which uses fine needles that prick the skin. During the skin-pricking process, the skin produces more collagen to heal the tiny wounds from the needles. The micro-wounds in microneedling form new collagen that helps smooth out the appearance of the skin and helps fill in scars, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Here are the benefits of Microneedling:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Downtime is only minimal after the treatment
  • Skin continues to regenerate long and improve after the treatment

VI Peels

The VI Peel is a non-invasive treatment that packs a powerful punch to resolve acne and scarring-related issues. Combining ingredients can reduce acne inflammation and promote fast healing to prevent scarring. For existing acne scars, the peel can fade them by boosting collagen development to cover the depressed area.

Here are the benefits of VI Peels:

  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restores a more even skin tone
  • Smooths away rough skin texture
  • Brightens even the discoloration of the most stubborn areas

4. Laser Skin Treatments

Laser therapy is a cosmetic treatment that uses focused light. In fact, the laser’s full form is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The light is effectively tuned in laser treatment, using specific wavelengths to create controlling beams.

Indeed, laser skin treatments are the perfect way to fight signs of aging. Whether to keep the skin clear and glowing or regain a youthful complexion, there’s a treatment available to revitalize the skin. At Glo Derma, they offer BBL laser treatments that smooth wrinkles, improve acne scars and blemishes, and reduce body hair. 

Additionally, the light energy delivered by BBL or BroadBand Light will gently heat the upper layers of the skin. That said, the heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate the skin cells to regenerate new collagen. This process of BBL helps restore the skin’s natural beauty, blends its natural colors, and makes it smoother, vibrant, and younger-looking. 

The skin conditions BBL can treat are pigmented lesions (e.g., freckles, age spots, and other hyperpigmentation), vascular lesions (e.g., small blood vessels, rosacea, hemangiomas), acne, and skin laxity. Also, BBL can treat the most common and exposed areas to the damaging effects of sunlight, such as the face, neck, back of the hands, chest, and shoulders.

The Bottom Line

People can choose from several cosmetic procedures to have an appearance that will help them feel their most confident and comfortable. Glo Derma PC offers their Signature Treatments:

  • Sculptra Butt Lifts
  • Sclerotherapy Treatment
  • Scar Revision Procedures
  • Laser Skin Treatments 

Ultimately, their staff, treatments, and space are all designed to bring out the people’s inner beauty so they can face the world with energy, enthusiasm, and poise.

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