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What Is QWO Cellulite Treatment?

The first and only FDA-approved injectable available, QWO is a prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Collagenases — the enzymes in QWO — are believed to target a structural cause of cellulite under the skin, with the treatment working to release fibrous bands, redistribute fat cells, and stimulate new collagen growth. QWO cellulite treatment takes as little as 10 minutes per injection and may achieve visible results in ten weeks.

Sculptra butt lifts are the only non-surgical butt lift procedure available. Other butt lifts, such as the Brazilian, involve fat injections and require anesthesia, making them surgical procedures. Many people choose a Sculptra butt lift for its convenience and safety.

The dermal filler injection used in a Sculptra butt lift enhances the curve of your buttocks by stimulating your body’s natural collagen production. For this reason, you will not see results right away. It may take four to six months before you see plumpness. After this time, you can enjoy your new appearance for at least two years before you will need treatment again.

Scar revision procedures are ideal for reducing acne scars and atrophic scarring. During a scar revision procedure, we will inject a dermal filler called Sculptra using a fine needle. The filler stimulates the production of collagen, which gently stretches the skin’s surface and minimizes the appearance of the scar. You may need three treatments before seeing results.

What Should I Expect During and After Sclerotherapy Treatment, and Is It Painful?

Sclerotherapy treatment can be done in under an hour in the doctor’s office and does not require anesthesia. Here’s what you can expect:

You will lie on your back with your legs slightly elevated. Your doctor will use a fine needle to insert a solution into your varicose or spider veins. This solution will cause the vein to swell, blocking blood flow into that vein. Once the needle is withdrawn, your doctor will massage the treated area to disperse the solution. The vein will eventually become scar tissue and disappear.

After a sclerotherapy treatment, you will be asked to move and walk around to prevent blood clots. Additionally, you will need to wear compression stockings or bandages for about two weeks to keep pressure on the treated veins.

Quick with minimal pain, sclerotherapy is among the best treatments for spider veins. Some people experience stinging or cramping when the needle is inserted, and others have slight bruising after the procedure. However, these side effects clear up on their own within a few days.

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