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What are the questions you get asked most frequently about injectables?
People worry about looking fake and not like themselves. I totally get it. We all know somebody who has had bad results—either a celebrity or a friend, and people are afraid of that happening to them. They are worried about getting frozen face, duck lips, and catwoman, stuff like that.

But what separates us from others is that we aren’t chasing lines—we approach this with all our clients as a process. We all lose volume as we age. As a result, we have a decreased production of collagen, which smooths our face and body and give us an overall youthful appearance. At Glo Derma, we address the concerns a client has and come up with a plan and regimen together to address the overall outcome instead of one focal point. Instead of chasing lines, I want to address what’s causing the lines.

We look at ways to enhance your existing features. For example, for people who have had fuller lips in their youth, the idea isn’t to put crazy lips on her, it’s to enhance their natural features in a way that’s going to give them a really beautiful result.


Have you ever had a negative experience, either as an injector or a client?
Before I was injecting, I had my lips done by someone else, and I hated the outcome. I looked off balance and out of proportion. It threw my whole face off. It was a disaster. No matter what this person did to try to fix it, it was awful. When I went through my injector training I never wanted anyone to feel like that.

Truth be told, injecting, and especially lips, is a real art form. So I obsess over it. I take so much time and make sure it looks so proportion and soft and subtle to complement a person’s whole look.


When someone gets a bad facial treatment, what goes wrong?
It’s about technique, lack of experience, wrong product use, and placement of product. You have to be so careful when you’re injecting. I want to make sure people look great when they are being expressive, not just when their face is still. That’s why I want access to the most innovative products and make sure I know as much as possible about the best ways to utilize them. That’s why I love some of these new products, like Refyne and Defyne, for example. The science is more flexible, so it looks natural when you’re being expressive with your face. It’s soft and pliable, and I absolutely love the results.


What other new treatments and products are you excited about at Glo Derma?
We always and only have the most state-of-the-art offerings and procedures. We invest in so much continuing education and stay a step ahead. We take so much pride in that. We want to deliver the best services that will deliver the best outcome. We are one of the few that has access to Sculptra, for example, because it requires a really advanced knowledge and experience to know how to use it properly.

Another thing we do at Glo Derma is a technique I developed for Dysport, Botox, and lip treatments, called The SprinkleTM. I realized that when people waited too long between treatment for their lips, they’d basically have to start from the beginning. So, I created this option, which is essentially a little touch up, so you’re not starting over, a maintenance booster in between treatments to sustain the look and with less product.


Can people get addicted to aesthetic treatments?
Look, you’re going to love it. You’ll want to keep doing it because you’ll love the way you look, but I would never overtreat someone. I want everybody to get the best and safest results, no matter what their lifestyle is. This is a collaboration. It’s a decision we make together. There’s no pressure. This is not about me and my ego, it’s about the person in the chair and the best results possible.


What about cost—how do you help clients manage that part of it?
The truth is that you do pay for what you get, but we also take this as a step-by-step approach and come up with an aesthetic plan. There’s no buyer’s remorse here. We make it as cost-effective as possible. This is your face—your body. So you don’t want to take a cheap way out, but it may mean making choices about what to prioritize.


What do you tell male clients who come in but worry that facial treatments and services are just for women?
In many ways, we overthink this part. Men, just like women, want to age gracefully. It’s not the same approach—it’s a different style of injections. Lots of men come to Glo Derma for facial treatments but also for IV vitamin drips and wellness. The popularity of men getting these treatments is growing so much because we all way to look good and stay healthy.


Lets talk booty! What’s going on with this trend, and what do the Sculptra treatments really do?
I think the Kardashian factor and J-Lo have really brought it into the forefront, but I love this trend because women are really embracing their curves. I want people to love what they see when they look in the mirror. The goal is to non-surgically lift the butt, and Sculptra is the only FDA-approved product to stimulate your body’s collagen production, so it lifts, shapes, contours, and smoothes. It’s non surgical. There’s no downtime, and the results are long lasting.


If a client is interested in a treatment but has some significant concerns, how can they get their questions answered?
We will sit down together and come up with a plan. But if you have questions, never hesitate to call us or come see me. We take the time to make sure we are all on the same page about what you want to do and the best approach to getting those results.

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