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Glo Derma: Tell us about CrossFit Five Star.
Dani Butler: This is our passion. We’ve been open for more than 7 years. We’re a very family-oriented community at our gym, and we try to focus on living a five-star life. We want people to be in the best health and live a great life through fitness.

GD: Why is recovery so important (and such a challenge) for crossfitters?
Shawn Butler: From crossfit to triathlons—from the elderly to children to Olympic athletes, in order to get better, it requires some sort of extra activity, which creates soreness. If you can shorten the window of recovery, you can cause those changes to happen faster and achieve those quicker performance gains for athletes and a better quality of life. For the elderly, it could mean staying well and becoming more active. It all depends on the person. But the better you recover, the better you’ll enjoy the things that are most important to you.

What’s actually happening in the body when you work out at a high level that requires the recovery?
Shawn: While going through a workout, your muscles are being stressed, which causes little micro tears in the fibers. Those little fiber tears will be repaired and replaced during recovery. So, the more proteins, amino acids, and other key performance micronutrients you have in your body will allow the muscles to go through that process of recovery and repair. That’s when the muscle will come back and be stronger than what it was.

GD: How does Glo Fusion help athletes recover faster?
Amy Birkenstamm: We all want to achieve optimal health and wellness without the use of unnatural substances. When people, and more specifically athletes, receive vitamin hydration therapy, you result in close to 100% absorption of vitamins and exceptional hydration. This can help with recovery after an intense workout, so you can hit the ground running again faster. Better performance, quicker recovery, and overall healthier lifestyle.

GD: Why did you decide to start getting IV infusions at Glo Derma—to help you improve your own performance?
Dani: I started with the drips first. Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a morning person. It’s when I feel the sorest from my workouts. Amy gave me a concoction that turned into the Five Star Performance Drip, and the next morning I was so full of energy and I felt totally ready to go. Now, I do it pretty regularly. Generally, you just feel better.

GD: What’s in the Five Star Performance Drip?
Amy: It’s essentially IV fluids, electrolytes, L-carnitine, B complex, magnesium, vitamin c, and amino acids—it’s designed to optimize muscle recovery and endurance.

Shawn: The number one factor in recovering faster is hydration, and that’s the biggest thing that the IV does, better than any energy or coconut water on the market because it puts it straight into your blood stream, which speeds up that recovery.

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