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It takes me 11 minutes to get ready in the morning, 15 if I shave. It takes my wife… considerably longer. But when I look at what her regimen includes—the number of complicated choices in her wardrobe, the hair drying and flat ironing, and the makeup (including eyelash curling?)—instead of bemoaning that she’s taking so long, I use that time to thank my lucky stars I was born male.

However, I’ve never understood this idea that women are the sole proprietors of caring what they look like while men just need to show up wearing clean underwear and matching socks.

It’s true that I probably wouldn’t have gone down this road if I hadn’t been the guinea pig for Amy as she was perfecting some of her skills and treatments, but now that I have seen the benefits firsthand, including more youthful skin and less wrinkles, it’s hard for me to understand why more men don’t get facial treatments. Why shouldn’t men be allowed to look good and take pride in their appearance, and does having wrinkles make you “distinguished-looking” or just old?

And chances are, if my wife wasn’t in this business, I would never have gotten a facial, had someone care for my skin and dote over the imperfections in my face. But now that I’ve tried it, I’m going to keep it up because it feels amazing. In fact, I get a variety of treatments at Glo Derma, and I’m not embarrassed about it. I feel great, actually. Fillers, facials, massage, laser treatments, Dermapen to remove scarring and acne, and IV vitamin therapy—I say yes to all of it.

When you have five kids and you and your spouse run two businesses, chasing sleep can be a full-time job. But, just like most women I know, I don’t want to look worn and tired. For me, it’s simple. I go to the gym to keep my body in shape, and I go to Glo Derma to keep my face in shape, and I don’t think that’s grounds for revoking my man card, whatever that is.

There are plenty of things that are still determined by gender, including dozens of stereotypes about our so-called limitations. But this doesn’t have to be one of them. Wanting to present your best face to the world isn’t exclusive to women, and getting treatments to help you look and feel great isn’t a measure of your masculinity. And if having my sore muscles rubbed, ugly scars removed, and skin refreshed makes someone view me in a different light, that’s not really my problem.

So if you see me at Glo, I’m probably there for the same reason you are, which is likely the reason why I’ve never felt better or looked healthier.

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