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Morpheus8: What You Need to Know About This Microneedling Treatment

If you’ve been searching for the perfect solution to reducing signs of aging, acne scarring, and other skin blemishes that can put a dent in your self-confidence, you’ve probably done your research on Botox, lip filler, and other different beauty treatments that have been around for a while. However, there’s a newer treatment option available that you may not have heard of. It’s called Morpheus8, and it’s one of the most effective forms of skin rejuvenation on the market today.

As specialists in skin health and wellness, we’ve gotten the opportunity to witness the amazing results of this new skin rejuvenation method firsthand while performing Morpheus8 treatments in Yardley, PA, for several years now. Now we want to share the benefits of this state-of-the-art treatment with you! Read on to get the answers to all your Morpheus8 questions — and learn why the procedure is already one of our most popular signature treatments.

How Does Morpheus8 Treatment Work?

Morpheus8 treatment is named for the Morpheus8, a newly developed, high-tech device that combines the tiny needles of a standard microneedling device with the radiofrequency energy of a subdermal adipose remodeling device. During the process, the Morpheus8 device will be used to stimulate various parts of the face that are being treated. Most people schedule one to three treatment sessions to maximize benefits. 

The microneedling part of the device penetrates deep into the desired area to increase circulation and encourage healthy blood flow. Simultaneously, radiofrequency energy (also called RF energy) promotes collagen production in the dermis, stimulating skin growth. Combined, these methods help heal scars and imperfections while encouraging anti-aging in multiple layers of your skin.

Why Choose Morpheus8 Treatment?

Morpheus8 treatment is worth considering for these and even more reasons:

  • It combines two skin rejuvenation options into one effective treatment
  • It works on all skin types
  • It can target several problem areas at once
  • It’s versatile — it can be beneficial for skin in multiple different ways
  • It’s FDA-approved for deep fat remodeling as well as use on face and body
  • It’s effective — check out our before and after pictures
  • It’s minimally invasive — unlike surgical procedures
  • It’s an in-office procedure that causes minimal post-procedure downtime — unlike other procedures with long recovery times
  • It’s an affordable alternative to plastic surgery

What Problems Does Morpheus8 Treatment Target?

Morpheus8 can be used to remedy or reverse these and more common skin problems:

  • Existing acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Poor skin texture
  • Sun damage
  • Deep facial lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Dark spots
  • Sagging skin and jowls
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks

What Areas Benefit From Morpheus8 Treatment?

Another common question we get regarding this revolutionary procedure is what areas it targets. You can get Morpheus8 treatments all over your face and neck. Whichever part of your body you choose, you will see a difference thanks to this advanced technology!

Many people get Morpheus8 treatments on their cheeks, around their jaw, or on their forehead.

An especially popular reason people are scheduling Morpheus8 treatment is tightening loose skin under the chin. This is a typically difficult area to achieve optimal results in, but huge strides are being made thanks to this combination of microneedling and subdermal adipose remodeling. Many people also see significant improvement in saggy or thin under-eye skin with Morpheus8 treatment.

Does Morpheus8 Treatment Hurt?

It’s normal to be apprehensive about needles — so hearing the phrase “deep penetration” in the same sentence as “microneedling device” might send shivers up your spine. However, Morpheus8 treatment is not painful. The needles in a microneedling device are so small that you would not be able to feel an individual needle entering your skin at all. In addition, a topical numbing cream is used on the treatment area beforehand to minimize discomfort.

When Can I See Results From Morpheus8 Treatment?

After any cosmetic procedure, most people are eager to see the treated areas change quickly. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. There are multiple cosmetic procedures that involve a long waiting period before effects can be seen. However, with Morpheus8 treatment, you may see results as soon as a few days, with most of the significant results visible in just three weeks!

How Long Does Morpheus8 Treatment Last?

Because Morpheus8 treatment isn’t a surgical procedure, you will need to schedule sessions every 12 to 18 months to keep your skin in optimal condition. This is because while Morpheus8 treatment results and benefits can last for years to come, increased collagen production will need to be periodically encouraged as your skin begins to return to its former collagen production tendencies. 

Are There Side Effects to Morpheus8 Treatment?

While Morpheus8 treatment is a very safe, FDA-approved procedure, it is important to communicate any skin sensitivities to your provider before you book treatment. Morpheus8 treatment is specially designed to minimize the risk of side effects or skin conditions such as inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but before and aftercare for your skin throughout the process are crucial as well.

Experts recommend staying out of direct sunlight for at least three days before treatment sessions. You should also keep the area being treated clean and ensure you are free of moisturizers or lotions right before a session. After you’ve received treatment, your skin may feel “tight” and be slightly red or swollen. There may also be some mild skin peeling or flakiness on your face. This is normal and will cause minimal discomfort, but it’s important to keep an eye on anything that concerns you, use only clean pillowcases and towels, and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible for three to five days.

Where Can I Book Morpheus8 Treatment?

Wondering where you can book this life-changing treatment option? We’re glad you asked! We’d love to chat with you about how we can make Morpheus8 treatment work for you. Get in touch with the Glo Derma team today, or check out our other signature treatments that can improve the way you look outside —  so you can feel more like yourself inside!


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