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(Note: This blog post should be consumed while listening to “Run the World” or literally anything by Beyoncé.)

Look, I get that some of you might have had your fill of marches and lady parts at this point, but add this to the list of girl power inspiration because it has to be said.

I noticed something as I was scrolling through social media last week: The women in my life are killing it right now. I’d zip through my feed or poke through Instagram, and I’d see dozens of pictures and posts, all adding up to the fact that so many of my female family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and clients are lighting it up. Whether they’re excelling in their careers, raising families, running marathons, becoming social activists, or going to school to learn new skills, the women I know aren’t waiting for life to come to them. They’re going out and getting it done.

I know it’s a wild, wild west out there right now, but for me, this isn’t about gender politics. It’s about reinventing ourselves, being bold, not being limited by someone else’s rules or conventions, and not being afraid to reach for what we want.

Off the top of my head, I have several friends who are the top sales people in their respective companies, one who carved a career out of entertaining and regularly appears on national TV, another who recently started her own publishing and marketing company out of her living room, and a co-worker who was just certified in a healing technique called Reiki. And that was just in the last 6 months. Just like me, these women juggle soccer practices and work, squeeze in a yoga class or a run before 6 am, and try their best to make sure the Paw Patrol lunchbox goes in the kindergartener’s backpack instead of the 6th grader’s.

It’s a delicate balance, and most of us are still figuring it all out. But regardless of what’s happening in society as a whole, I’m so proud of the women in my life.

Whether the thing you want most is to be a stay-at-home mother or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, for women, almost everything comes with a price. So it takes courage to step out, make a difficult choice, and stare down judgement and scrutiny that comes with doing something outside the norm. But it’s so worth it. Taking my kids out of the equation, starting my own business has been the most empowering decision I’ve ever made, and I’m incredibly proud to have done it. And as I was chosen to demonstrate a new technique at a NovaThread training in New York City last week, I was feeling every bit of that pride because, like all these other women in my life, I’ve worked my butt off for it.

So often, the path of least resistance seems like the right choice. But sisters, if there’s something you’ve been too afraid to try, a trip you’ve wanted to take, a political office you want to hold, a board you want to run, I’ve got your back. Because if we want to rule the world, it looks like we’re going to do it together.

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