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Worse than braces or SATs, teenage skin problems are the cruelest rite of passage. Changing hormones and poor skincare habits often lead to acne, dry patches, and oily skin, which makes it hard for adolescents to feel good about the face they’re putting out to the world. Unfortunately, many of the medical remedies are costly and have alarming side effects, including depression, liver problems, and even seizures and inflammatory bowel disease.

That’s why we’ve made treatment and protection of teen skin a priority at Glo Derma. That’s why we analyze their skin to determine a customized treatment plan that addresses acne, combination skin, dry skin, and oily skin. And that’s why we provide the safest solutions to achieve the best possible results.

So often, my clients tell me they wish they knew then what they know now, that their skin would be in much better condition. It’s our job to help educate our teens on the importance of taking care of our largest organ so they don’t have regrets in the future. After all, it’s hard enough to be a teenager—if we can help them avoid suffering from poor skin, we should.

Regardless of what specific issues your teen is facing, Glo Derma focuses on a three-step process to ensure long-lasting, healthy skin.


This is the first line of defense, and it is essential. As a licensed medical aesthetician, my job is to help your teen address their concerns and educate them about their skin. By properly explaining the necessary steps to healthier teenage skin with you and your teen, we have the best chance to create healthy habits and prevent issues in the future.

The next step to fresh, healthy skin is monthly facials. Allowing the skin to be cleaned properly by a skincare professional will help reinforce the importance of taking care of their skin. Then an at-home regime will set the teen on a course for better-looking skin.

Educating your teen on the importance of protecting his or her skin is essential. Most of the damage to their skin will occur during their teenage years. Proper skincare protection is crucial to ensuring a healthy aging process.

I also fully endorse Colorescience—the skincare line of products we use for our teens, which is offered in the form of mineral powders, bronzers, brighteners, and concealers, while providing a heavy dose of healthy sun protection.

Its key ingredients offer the purest form of resources available, which is so important when you’re talking about young skin. Colorescience products are dermatologist tested, safe on all skin types, and won’t clog pores.

Colorescience ingredients include:

  • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for physical sun protection
  • Iron oxide to act as a non-toxic coloring agent
  • Peptides and antioxidants, which helps rebuild skins resilience
  • Vital-et, a form of vitamin e calms inflammation induced by the sun’s rays and slows melanin production

For more information about Skin for Life, our program dedicated to teen skin, join us on Sunday at Glo Derma from 11-2 or complimentary consultations and teen makeovers.


Membership includes:

  • Skin analysis and evaluation with Samantha Deubler, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, in which clients will receive a customized treatment plan and skin care membership
  • Two Express Teen facials per month
  • Monthly brow shaping


In addition to the services, members receive:

  • 20% off all skincare products
  • Monthly gift
  • Exclusive insider tips

Membership price is $139 per month  


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