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A few years ago, I spoke with my doctor about my hairline—he told me I’d contracted a horrible condition known as male-patterned baldness. The prognosis wasn’t very good, and my options were slim: topical chemicals, oral chemicals, or surgery. Slightly dejected, I figured I’d roll with it—no thanks to the lotions, potions, or scalpel. That was until I learned about the wonders of platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and the possibilities for restoring my hair, which helped me hasten the loss. I figured that even if I don’t grow new hair, I’d be thrilled with not losing more. You know how the old saying goes: “offense wins games, defense wins championships.”

Ready to play some defense, I jumped into the process. Here is what it was like for me:


The Consultation
Before any PRP treatment at Glo Derma, you will receive an evaluation of your balding pattern and a recommended series of treatments based on your “problem areas” and concerns.

The Treatment
When you arrive for your treatment, your medically trained provider will draw your blood and then place it in a centrifuge. Your platelets (which are ultimately responsible for stimulating hair follicles) are separated from the red and white cells through a process called “blood-spinning.”

While the blood is spinning, your treatment provider will begin numbing your injection sites with a topical cream and a local anesthetic, which works effectively in making the treatment pretty much pain-free.

The treatment itself consists of several small injections in the selected areas using your own PRP. Each treatment will likely focus on a similar area but can also target specific concerns.  Your treatment provider will collaboratively discuss this information with you, and then you can decide the most effective approach for optimal results.

Along with the PRP treatments, the staff at Glo Derma have created an overall natural approach to achieve your goals. Some of which include oral supplements and IV hydration therapy, which can be done in conjunction with treatments.

The Results
I really had no expectations when I began the treatment. I read a little about it, and I knew that PRP treatments have been incredibly effective in different areas of medicine, so I was (and continue to be) very optimistic regarding its benefits.

The first round of treatments focused on my most significant problem areas. After a short time, I noticed fine baby hairs sprouting. After about two months, I can see the fine hair maturing into adult hair. I’m still thin in that area, but see continued improvement and plan to have additional treatments in those areas soon to progress even further.

The second round of treatments focused on areas that are thinning but still generally hair-covered. In this area, I noticed results after a week. Exactly seven days after my treatment, I noticed the hair in the treated area had grown quickly and seemed thicker than before.

And during my hair cut today, my barber told me that seeing thinning areas become thicker so quickly has him very optimistic about the future of my hairline. So I couldn’t be happier with my progress so far and for the prospects of PRP.

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