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The first time a client called me the Lip Queen, I laughed it off, but now I absolutely love it. Part of it is that I love the artistry and technique involved in giving people the perfect lips for their face. But it’s also because lips are one of the most feared injections, and I love helping people overcoming that.

It’s understandable that people worry about lip enhancement because your lips are such an important part of your face and it’s so noticeable when something goes wrong. Not only do I do a lot of corrections from bad injections people have received elsewhere, but I’ve been there myself—I’ve had a bad experience with someone else injecting my lips.

Through my years working in aesthetics, I’ve learned that lips are an art form and that no two mouths are the same. It’s about looking at someone’s entire face to see what will look best, instead of just shoving products into your lips. The truth is that sometimes a little lip plump goes a long way. Over the years, I have developed a very unique style when I approach the lips because it’s really a specialized and fun injection. People love getting their lips done, especially after they get over that initial fear. To see people’s look of confidence leaving the room is such an amazing thing.

Even though clients come in wanting Angelina Jolie’s or Scarlett Johannson’s lips, the idea is to not put someone else’s lips on your face. Instead, my approach is to enhance their own natural features. I play close attention to the way someone moves their mouth and try to achieve perfect symmetry. To achieve all that, here’s the secret to my success.


Step 1: We do it together
When I do the initial consultation with any client, we always go over it together with a mirror. I have the client point out to me what they like and what they don’t like about their face. And that’s how we come up with a plan to create and meet their lip goals. Sometimes people bring me pictures. And even though no two lips are equal, it gives me an idea of how full people want their lips. In other case, people just tell me to do what I think is best.


Step 2: Lifestyle matters
I like to know what people do for a living. If someone is a makeup artist or stylist, they might want a more dramatic or enhanced look.


Step 3: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
The products I use are hyaluronic acids, which is naturally occurring in the body. As we age, we lose collagen and hyaluronic acids in our bodies. Restoring that back into the lips helps hold the moisture. I am so particular with what products I introduce to clients, as well as the ones I personally use. That’s why I developed the Lip Lounge, so I can give people the best options to use what might suit what they’re looking for. I want people to have the silkiest, most pillowy, luscious lips, and the Lip Lounge menu helps clients understand what options there are.


Step 4: Trust the process.
This isn’t about one injection—it’s a process of getting clients to the enhanced results they want and expect. Getting those kissable lips is a building process, and once you’ve gotten to the point where you feel like you’ve achieved the volume you want, it’s all about maintaining after that.

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