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While I spend a good portion of my days injecting, I also answer a ton of questions, and there are days when I feel a bit like a lip therapist. Even though I am 100 percent certain we will achieve a client’s lip goals, people, understandably, have a million questions surrounding their lips. So get cozy on the couch—I’ve got answers to all your lip questions and concerns so you can have a little peace of mind when you’re getting those luscious lips.

It doesn’t happen in one day. When it comes to your lips, achieving desirable results is a process. Keep in mind, sometimes less is more, especially in the beginning. It may take multiple appointments and treatments to achieve those goals. From there, it’s all about maintenance.

This was true for me too. In fact, my mom doesn’t remember when I had a gummy smile because I’ve been working on my own lips for years. It’s a long process so you get a more natural approach.

No lips are exactly the same. The best results come from enhancing your natural lips and bringing them out so they can look their best, whether it’s to correct volume loss or shape. What you see on somebody else might not be the exact same result you will achieve. So, it’s about creating what looks best on your individual face. You have to look at the whole face so your features look balanced and have facial symmetry.

Here’s what to expect post-treatment. Is it normal to swell or bruise or feel funny at first? Anything with a needle could potentially have some bruising and swelling. There are things we can do to minimize that, but nothing is guaranteed. I give detailed instructions pre- and post-treatment to minimize any swelling and bruising.

Don’t get used to the swell factor. When the swelling stops, most people want more. They think when the swelling goes down that the product is gone. Don’t worry, it’s not gone. Most people love the swelling. But we want a safer and more effective process, and that means it might not all be done during the same appointment and should be approached more gradually. I like to come up with a collaborative plan with each client to that I can customize each treatment to achieve a perfect pout. It requires attention to detail and special techniques so your lips look and feel the best they can.

Don’t Groupon your face. When it comes to your body and especially your face, you get what you pay for. Good injections aren’t cheap, and cheap injections aren’t good.

Keep in mind that you can end up having to pay a lot of money to correct the mistakes. We have all seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to lip enhancements. I have been on the receiving end of having bad lip injections (prior to doing my own lip injections), and I never want anyone else to have that experience. I approach each individual as a form of artwork, and I customize each injection just as an artist would approach painting with a paintbrush. That is when the magic happens.

Enhancing what you have is the best way to achieve soft, pillowy lips. Nothing gives me more joy in my job than seeing someone light up after a treatment because they love the results.

If you have any questions about lip enhancements, we are here to help. But just remember that my goal is to provide you the best treatment options to meet your lip goals so that you get the most kissable lips for that gorgeous face of yours.

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