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It started with something called the Myers’ Cocktail (not shaken, stirred, or even served in a glass). Pioneered more than 50 years ago by the late Dr. John Myers, he created a mixture of medical-grade nutrients, administered through injections or an IV, which helped increase energy, cure illnesses, slowed the aging process, and much more.

But my first introduction to the benefits of IV hydration and vitamin drips was I worked as a nurse in the emergency room, we used to give patients IV bags filled with fluids, multivitamins, thiamine, and folic acid (affectionately referred to as banana bags for their fluorescent yellow color) when they were intoxicated or severely dehydrated. By giving patients so many nutrients intravenously, they were quickly absorbed and helped them feel better much faster.

So I wasn’t surprised when I started to see celebrities and athletes receiving IV vitamin therapy or even when the Hangover Heaven Bus started gaining popularity in Las Vegas. It just made sense. When we are hungover, the body is depleted of nutrients and vasopressin (the hormone that controls fluid balance), and we suffer from inflammation. To counter that, a hefty dose of nutrients right to the bloodstream can kick start the immune system, boost immunity, speed up muscle recovery, promote anti-aging, and cure even the worst hangover.

IV vitamin drips deliver minerals, amino acids, and (of course) vitamins to the body in the most direct method, avoiding the gut and, therefore, the digestive system altogether. It allows medical providers to deliver larger doses of nutrients that aren’t tolerated orally. That’s why we decided to offer IV vitamin treatments at Glo Derma—because we understand that the benefits are so widespread and allow us to be proactive about keeping ourselves healthy, improving mood, decreasing stress and anxiety, and promoting our overall wellness.

So here we are, creeping into fall allergies and cold and flu season, and we are packing our IV bags full of nutrients and vitamins that will keep you running at tip-top shape and refill the tank when you’re low. You can relax in the GD Lounge and get your drip with an espresso, or you can add an IV to any service you receive at Glo, all while being monitored by trained medical professionals. Sound like a plan?

Whatever your personal life goals are in this new year—run a marathon, finish a thesis, or just avoid the petri dish of illness in your child’s daycare—we’ll customize your vitamin treatment plan to fit your life. Here’s a closer look at what we’re putting in the IV bags, so you know exactly why you suddenly feel like you can run that extra mile.


The Big Four

Most of our IV vitamin bags contain these goodies, and with good reason. They are seriously good for the body, and here’s why.

What’s in the bag? Glutathione
What does it do? Sometimes, glutathione is referred to as the Fountain of Youth, but I call it the Mac Daddy of supplements because it does so much for our bodies, including promoting anti-aging and cellular repair. It detoxifies the liver, helps to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and lightens and brightens the skin.

What’s in the bag? Vitamin B complex
What does it do? While Vitamin B brings the heft and boosts immunity and metabolizes fat, it also does some incredible things for the body you can’t get in too many places including protecting against some cancers, reducing the risk of heart disease, and preventing memory loss.

What’s in the bag? Vitamin C
What does it do? We all know we’re supposed to load on the OJ when we get sick, and that’s for the Vitamin C. It helps with healing, but it also protects against free radicals and helps collagen production, which is wonderful for your skin.

What’s in the bag? Magnesium
What does it do? In addition to being a superhero for the digestive system, magnesium reduces PMS symptoms (yes, please), reduces migraines, battles inflammation, enhances sleep, and increases energy.

Other ingredients:
Amino acids
Vitamin D


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