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For those of you who know me, you know that as a financial adviser, I have a healthy appreciation for the notion of saving and investing. I’ve been helping people do that for a very long time. I’m a staunch believer that establishing a smart investment strategy is the best way to grow your money and secure your financial well-being for you and your loved ones. While most us think of investing in strictly dollars and cents, it pays to take the same approach to your personal wellbeing. As it turns out, wellness is a lot like any other investment; by spending a little bit now, you can reap huge returns later.

I’m not talking about socking money away in a health savings account to cover unforeseen medical expenses. Saving money for when you get sick is more akin to taking out an insurance policy than making an investment. It may protect you against the worst-case scenario, but it doesn’t safeguard your future. Investing in your wellness by taking yoga classes, joining a gym, or getting an IV vitamin therapy will help you maintain your long-term physical, mental, and financial health by keeping you fit and helping you avoid the expense of getting sick.

Like a 401K, your health is a valuable asset that requires time, commitment, and consistent contributions to grow. Glo Derma is committed to wellness.  We live it ourselves.  We’ve felt its benefits first hand.  We promote it to our friends, family, and our community.  It’s not just a business for us—it’s a passion. That’s why we do things like sponsoring the Run Now Wine Later 5K in New Hope and hold Eagles Happy Hours with green smoothies and IV drips. We want to share what we’ve learned about maintaining wellness with our community and beyond.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as eating junk food, staring at screens all day, drinking too much, and being sedentary are so widespread and so pervasive that many people just view it as a foregone conclusion that they will eventually become sick. Yet, making simple changes and leading a healthier lifestyle often result in lower health care expenses and boosts your eligibility for lower life and disability insurance premiums. That’s because healthy people make fewer trips to the doctor, which lessens co-payments, pricey prescriptions, and disruptions to family commitments, work responsibilities, and income.

We’re often encouraged to sock away money into health savings accounts in the event that may possibly get sick. But I’d rather see us focus on keeping ourselves well—caring for our health and fitness, especially since so many of our healthcare expenses are for preventable conditions and the impact of these conditions could be lessened with basic wellness practices. By investing in our health, we can enjoy life more, feel better, and ultimately be less sick. We also benefit from lower levels of anxiety and stress, increased productivity, and a stronger connection to our communities.

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