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I’ve always loved what I do. Whether I’m working to remove tension in a client’s body or stubborn acne in his or her face, I consider it a privilege that people trust me to help them feel beautiful, relaxed, and at peace. But now, probably for the first time in my adult life, I can’t wait to get to work every morning.

Part of that comes from the infectious energy and enthusiasm of the owner, Amy Birkenstamm. When she first described to me what she wanted to do with Glo Derma, I was swept away by the tidal wave of excitement and positivity that she brought with it. This wasn’t going to be just another medspa to get your lips plumped and your wrinkles smoothed. As she pulled out notebooks full of ideas and explained what was between the lines, I could see that this was going to be an oasis in Yardley, Pa.—a refuge from the ever-present anxiety and toxic stress we carry around. It was going to be a place to leave your troubles at the door and have permission to take a few hours to yourself to revive, because we all need that. As Amy unfurled her vision, I couldn’t sign up fast enough to be part of it.

But it’s turned out to be so much more than that. Not only did she create a welcoming environment for her clients, but Amy crafted a work culture at Glo Derma in which her employees feel supported, believed in, and challenged. She encourages her staff to learn new skills and become better at everything they do. When Amy decided she wanted to offer microneedling (Dermapen) and eyebrow microblading at Glo Derma, she sent me to the respective trainings, instead of just hiring someone already certified. When I expressed that I wanted to become a Reiki master to heal people on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, she was my biggest supporter, immediately trying to figure out how we could offer clients the benefits of my skills at Glo.

Amy is our boss, but she is also our champion, and that’s made every day feel less like work and more like a fantastic journey that I get to be a part of. Whether it’s moving into a better living space or improving our personal fitness, Amy helps us figure out how to get there. She knows that happy employees means a good energy in the work space, and if you venture into Glo Derma, you’ll feel it right away. We’re happy you’re there, but we’re also happy we’re there.

It seems like a luxury to feel this way about work, but shouldn’t we all have the opportunity to feel inspired, supported, and challenged when we work hard and we’re good at what we do? Now that I’ve experienced a healthy work environment, I don’t think I could go back to the plodding, is-it-Friday-yet mentality that so many of us face in the workforce every day. For many people, there is no choice in the matter. We get stuck in uninspired dead-end jobs working for ungrateful bosses, and we feel trapped. Sometimes the risk to make a change is too high, and you have to live to fight another day. But if you can accept the stakes, make the leap. Find something new. Hit the restart button. Because you deserve to feel valued and inspired.

But if you can’t, come see me at Glo Derma. I can promise you that for however long you’re there, I’ll give my all to loosening your muscles and perfecting your eyebrows, but also to sharing some of my good vibes. That, my friends, is free of charge.

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