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We practice what we preach at Glo Derma. The Glo Squad strives to live healthy lifestyles—we eat well, exercise regularly, and try to get enough rest. But we are also human, and after a couple of holiday weekends and backyard barbecues, we felt we needed to hit the reset button and get back on track. Balance is key to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle, which is why we picked this cleanse—no crash dieting, no deprivation, just making us more mindful.

Our results were astounding, even as medical professionals who know the benefits of clean eating. We all felt mentally clearer without the toxins in our bodies, and we even saw improvements in our workouts. During the 10-day Thorne MediClear Glotox, we also experienced increased energy and faster healing time. As a whole, we all learned a lot about how our bodies and minds connect directly with our diet and choices.

We didn’t go hungry. So many cleanses are just diets in disguise. For us, the point was to detoxify our systems, not starve. On the cleanse, we felt like we were eating more. We made time for snacks and drank plenty of water, which made us feel more satisfied. This got us through our cravings and helped us stay on track. Our mindset focused on what we could have rather than what we could not.

We held each other accountable. Detoxing together as a squad helped us stay motivated during and after the 10 days. We avoided temptations by encouraging each other daily. When we were not all together, we shared recipes, texted food pictures, and updated each other on how we were feeling. There were a few weekend parties that could have derailed us, but we stayed strong. We wouldn’t have just been letting ourselves down—we felt we would be letting the whole squad down.

We actually meal prepped. Convenience is key. We went grocery shopping and bought healthy and cleanse-compliant foods for lunch and snacks at Glo Derma. We saved money by not ordering takeout for lunch, and we made our own instead. Thanks to our wellness counselor, Amy Sollod, and her incredible smoothies, we also had already prepared nutritional goodness.

Cut out caffeine. For those of you who have been to Glo Derma, you know how much we love our Nespresso machine. Instead of grabbing our espresso cups, we reached for a Thorne Nicacel-250 which enhances energy and mental focus, amongst other benefits.

We dripped. Regular doses of our Glo Fusions (customized IV hydration cocktails), were a great addition and maximized our results. Because we were flushing out toxins through our diet, our bodies were able to better absorb the vitamins and nutrients. One of the key ingredients to the fusions is glutathione which is the mother of all antioxidants. It also detoxes your liver, repairs cells, and brightens our skin to make it GLO. In fact, Samantha had surgery during the cleanse and was back to work in 48 hours. Combining clean eating and IV hydration sped up her recovery time. She had minimal swelling, zero bruising, and absolutely no lingering post-anesthesia side effects.

We gained awareness and knowledge. When we reincorporated alcohol and processed foods back into our diets, we felt it. When you feel how much better your body works and give it the right fuel, it will impact your choices long after the cleanse is over. We have continued to use the Mediclear products and protein blend as part of our daily nutrition. Our heightened awareness about health and wellness has made this exercise a huge success.

Ready to try it? Grab a friend or two and get your “Glotox” on. Stop in, or schedule a consult with one of our wellness experts. Share your experience with us on Facebook and Instagram. We know you are going to feel amazing both mentally and physically.

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