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Every winter, I get so much grief about my YakTrax. I strap them to my running shoes like chains on a tire when I need to brave the winter elements on my morning runs, and people think I’m nuts. They also say I’m crazy for getting up at the crack of dawn on a regular basis to exercise or to hit Vaughn Hebron’s VMS Movement Specialist classes, which focus on core strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness, agility, and speed. And to the outside world, when you have five kids and a demanding business, it may seem slightly insane. But in reality, it’s my salvation. My meditation. My time to myself. And it provides me with the sanity and sense of calm I need to be at my best each day.

Everyone needs an outlet. Sometimes we rely on music, friends, an evening cocktail (or two), or a little bit of everything, to get us through the stress that life throws our way each day. For me, my outlet has always been exercise, since I was dragged encouraged to attend daily swim team practice as a child. And now, all these years later, when I am pulled in so many directions, exercise is still my sanity, my time to reflect, and my escape from the demands of my life.

Along with a regular regimen of vitamin drips (glutathione is the real deal), working out as often as I can helps me stay healthy when I work too much and give too much of myself to my job and the people I love. There’s also no better way to set an example for my kids and let them know that exercise is a priority than for my husband and I to do it ourselves on a regular basis.

And it’s not just me. Studies show exercise can improve your mood, your memory, your energy, your sleep patterns,  reduce stress, and increase strength and flexibility. It improves your life. And that’s really the foundation upon which Glo Derma was built—to make us stronger, happier, and more confident. That’s why we’ve invested in local partnerships, like the CrossFit Generation Affiliate Summer 2017 in August and Boss Events’s Run Now Wine Later 5K and Wine Festival in New Hope every September. Our goal at Glo is to encourage our community to come together to do activities that promote fitness and happiness.

It’s also the reason we’ve put so much emphasis on our Wellness 360 program and on our IV vitamin infusions in general. We work so hard and ask so much of our bodies that we need to replenish and give our bodies the nutrients they need to work at full capacity. We hope you’ll come out and support these events. But even if it’s not your thing, we encourage you to find what is, take care of your body, and make the most of each day. And whenever you’re feeling run down, we’re here to get you back on your feet so you can give your best.

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